Lựa chọn câu để xem lời giải nhanh hơn

Đề 1


Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. sculpture            

B. portrait                   

C. artwork                  

D. museum


A. geologist            

B. biologist                 

C. activist                   

D. psychologist

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. room                  

B. poor                       

C. door                       

D. floor


A. cottage              

B. block                      

C. town                      

D. accommodation


A. blanket              

B. man                        

C. charity                   

D. donate


Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

6. These days, I eat more than before. I __________ use to eat as much.

A. didn’t                    

B. don’t                      

C. am not                   

D. do not

7. Users can __________ music conveniently with an online music store from their personal computers.

A. like                        

B. receive                   

C. make                      

D. download

8. After lunch, my brother __________ the dishes and sometimes he does the ironing.

A. mops                      

B. washes                   

C. waters                    

D. does

9. He drives an old __________ in mountainous areas around the country.

A. camper van            

B. boat                       

C. cottage                   

D. studio

10. A serious fire in a high-rise __________ of flats has left many people homeless.

A. network                 

B. piece                      

C. block                      

D. part

11. Social media has made it easier to __________ money with a system of fundraising websites to help the needy.

A. donate                   

B. receive                   

C. rise                         

D. spend

12. I was having dinner __________ my friends arrived.

A. after                       

B. during                    

C. while                      

D. when

13. It was a(n) __________ easy victory for her. She achieved it with no difficulty at all.

A. bit                          

B. extremely               

C. slightly                   

D. little

14. It was __________ a beautiful painting that she decided to hang in the hallway.

A. such                       

B. so                           

C. such a                    

D. so much

15. I haven’t updated my Twitter with a new profile picture __________.

A. already                  

B. just                         

C. yet                         

D. since

Write the correct forms of the words in brackets.

16. China is one of the world’s biggest producers of a wide range of __________ supplies. (MEDICINE)

17. A great number of social services are provided by the government and __________ organisations. (VOLUNTEER)

18. From white sand beaches to mountains that hug the clouds, the __________ of Vietnam are some of the most breathtaking landscapes. (LAND)

19. 17th Parallel: Vietnam in War is a famous __________ that shows the effects of the American bombing campaign on Vietnamese people. (DOCUMENT)

20. This laser __________ is purely mechanical, and its speed is very high. (PRINT)

Write the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

21. He __________ (have) a shower when someone knocked at the door.

22. Mai __________ (get) ready for school, so she can’t come to the phone right now.

23. I __________ (fly) to Korea for a holiday soon. I’ve got the plane tickets!

24. This new computer __________ (make) my life a lot easier.

25. I __________ (take) you to the bus station if you like.


Listen to a conversation between Anne and Peter about charity work. Mark the statements as true (T) or false (F).

26. Anne is working at an orphanage.                                   

27. Anne feels ashamed of her charity work.                        

28. Peter regrets helping elderly people.                               

29. Peter had a lot of homework when he was doing charity work.             

30. Peter isn’t going to do charity work this summer.


Read the text and choose the correct answer.

The city of Beijing has such a big problem with its air quality that there are days when you can't see the buildings on the other side of the street. More and more people suffer from chest pain and have difficulty breathing. Children and the elderly are most at risk.

Last week, a Smog Free Tower was built in the arts district of Beijing. It is part of an air purifying project by Daan Roosegaarde from Holland and is designed to take in smog and release clean air. The seven-metre-high tower resembles the kind of air purifier you may have in your house. Roosegaarde describes it as the largest smog vacuum cleaner in the world.

The Smog Free Tower was created by Roosegaarde and a green tech company in the Netherlands. It runs on renewable power. Smog particles that are dangerous to health are collected and stored inside the tower. The tower then blows out cleaner air. Roosegaarde uses the collected smog particles to make jewellery. When you buy a Smog Free Ring or a pair of cufflinks, you buy 1,000 cubic metres of clean air.

Roosegaarde got the idea for the Smog Free Project when he visited Beijing in 2013. One day, he looked out of his hotel window and he simply couldn't see anything. The city had disappeared under a thick layer of smog.

Roosegaarde and the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection are planning to set up 800 of his giant air purifiers in parks all over China to raise awareness of the huge problem of pollution. He believes that both citizens and the government need to work together to fight pollution. His dream is that in ten to fifteen years from now, we won't need his towers anymore.

31. According to the text, who suffers most from air pollution?

A. Adults                   

B. Children                

C. The elderly           

D. Both B & C

32. What does the Smog Free Tower look like?

A. Smog                     

B. A home air purifier

C. A vacuum cleaner  

D. Particles

33. What sort of things can you make with smog particles?

A. Jewellery               

B. Cufflink                 

C. Renewable power  

D. Clean air    

34. What made Roosegaarde want to design the Smog Free Tower?

A. The support of the Netherlands’ government       

B. Air pollution in Beijing

C. The help of the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection

D. Beijing’s citizens

35. What is the best title for the text?

A. Air Quality in the District of Beijing

B. Roosegaarde and His New Inventions

C. The Tower That Sucks in Smog and Spits out Clean Air

D. Roosegaarde’s Wildest Dreams


Rearrange the given words to make complete sentences. Do not change the given words.

36. astonished / Cần Thơ. / of / I / markets / in / beauty / was / the / the / floating / at

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

37. the / and / movie / costumes / large / have / amazing / effects / audience. / special / The / attracted / a / of

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

38. their / wives / In / tend / husbands / families / help / modern / out / housework. / with / many / to

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

39. the / younger. / to / we / as / used / don’t / go / often / We / when / movies / as / were / now / do / we / to

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

40. comedy. / plot / a / in / more / is / plot / much / thriller / gripping / a / than / The / in / the

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

Use the words in capitals to rewrite the sentences. Do not change the given word.

41. I stopped travelling abroad two years ago. (FOR)

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

42. Three people can’t sit on that sofa. It isn’t big enough. (ENOUGH)

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

43. The weather was so hot that he couldn’t sleep. (SUCH)

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

44. I’ll help you with your homework. (MIND)

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

45. My friend sang better than I did. (AS)

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

--------------------THE END--------------------

Đề 2


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. desktop                   

B. geology                  

C. iron                        

D. documentary


A. fantasy                    

B. landscape               

C. charity                   

D. laser

Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. treasure                    

B. marine                    

C. support                  

D. superb


A. filament                   

B. linguistics              

C. bungalow               

D. benefit


A. apartment  

B. breathtaking          

C. senior         

D. comedy


Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

6. My father is __________ the garage at the moment. It’s so messy.

A. tidying                         

B. washing                 

C. painting                 

D. vacuuming

7. __________ is the science of minds and brains.

A. Linguistics                   

B. Psychology            

C. Archaeology          

D. Geology

8. I must say that J. K. Rowling is such a(n) __________ novelist with her seven-volume children’s fantasy series, Harry Potter.

A. predictable                  

B. fascinated              

C. imaginative            

D. fascinating

9. The hotel offers __________ and cozy rooms with a terrific view of the Hạ Long Bay.

A. floating                        

B. underground          

C. breathtaking          

D. spacious

10. __________ are where the elderly can benefit from social services and be cared for when necessary.

A. Senior centres              

B. Orphanages           

C. Medical supplies    

D. Homeless shelters

11. My father often __________ home early in the afternoon to do the vacuuming before we can have dinner.

A. come                            

B. comes                    

C. coming                   

D. is coming

12. There __________ something wrong with the search engine when I __________ to post my photos on Facebook.

A. is – tried                      

B. was – used to try   

C. was – was trying   

D. is – was trying

13. “Stranger Things” is __________ series I’ve seen this summer.

A. fascinating                   

B.  less fascinating     

C. more fascinating    

D. the most fascinating

14. My grandfather __________ in this mining town since he __________ here in 1989.

A. has worked – moved                                       

B. is working – moved

C. used to work – moves                                      

D. works – moves

15. My friend Suzy chose __________ the elderly because she thought this __________ a big difference to their lives.

A. to help – shall make                                        

B. helping – must make

C. to help – would make                                      

D. helping – might make

Write the correct forms of the words in brackets.

16. Opportunities for conversation may arise if parents and children do the __________ chores together. (HOUSE)

17. A robotic vacuum cleaner can make cleaning the floor a less boring and __________ task. (LABOUR)

18. That is a __________ which is based on a novel which was released 5 years ago. (DOCUMENT)

19. Hội An is one of the most popular tourist __________ in Việt Nam with its antique markets and beautiful landscape. (ATTRACT)

20. You are encouraged to donate __________ supplies, blankets, and food to the needy ones. (MEDICINE)


Listen to a radio programme about a future house and decide whether the following sentences are true (T) or false (F).

21. You may be living in a fully connected smart home twenty years later.            

22. Household appliances can be controlled remotely in a smart home.                  

23. Doing household chores in a smart home is time-consuming.                            

24. A smart home can be programmed to provide medical care.                              

25. Everyone has the chance to live in a smart home in the future.


Read the advertisement and choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the sentences below.

Customer Service Assistant

Let’s spread the love of reading in the community! The Charity Shop in Reading is excited to announce the 10th Reading Camp. Any high school students who live in Hà Nội can help in our camp. The opening ceremony will take place next Sunday, 7 December, from 09.00–11.00 in the morning. Volunteers should show up at 14 Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street. There will be a free parking space there and each volunteer will have a free breakfast before we open the Reading Camp. The camp has already been set up and all you need to do is to control the activities in different smaller camps after having some training.

We are looking for 4–5 customer service volunteers for each task. Tasks may include:

Raising money for the Reading Camp fund. Our aim is to collect enough money from the visitors to run this event next year and give away books to street children and those who live in orphanages.

Receiving book donations from visitors who will come to Hàng Khay Street. Your job is to receive books from visitors and give some advice on their book purchasing if necessary.

The Reading Camp Tour needs volunteers to lead the book tours along Lê Thái Tổ Street. There will be a guidebook and you will be trained before the tours begin. You just need to love books and can introduce some of them to the visitors.

The role would suit a sociable, friendly person with the confidence to approach visitors. Training will be provided and time commitment is flexible.

For further information or to register for your favourite positions, please contact Ms. Hà (0984236845) or email us at thereadingcamphanoi@gmail.com.

26. Volunteers need to arrive at __________ to attend the opening ceremony.

A. Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street

B. Hàng Khay Street

C. Lê Thái Tổ Street

27. Before the camp begins, volunteers need to __________.

A. come early to help with setting up the camp

B. buy themselves a small breakfast

C. have some training on their managing activities

28. During the camp, volunteers can choose to __________.

A. raise money for the camp from other volunteers

B. welcome book donations from visitors

C. sell books to street children or orphanages

29. The Reading Camp tour will take place on __________.

A. Hàng Khay Street

B. Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street

C. Lê Thái Tổ Street

30. Book tour leaders will __________.

A. need to sell books to the visitors

B. have a guidebook to run their tours

C. not have to introduce books to the visitors

Read the advertisement again and complete the summary below with only one word for each blank.

The Reading Camp will take place next Sunday and volunteers need to arrive at 14 Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street before the camp begins. Parking is (31) __________ and each volunteer will receive a small breakfast. After having some training, their tasks are to (32) __________ the activities in different smaller camps. They can choose to raise money to give books to street children and those living in (33) __________. Some volunteers can welcome visitors and advise visitors on their (34) __________ if needed or lead book tours. A sociable, friendly person is recommended for this post and time commitment is (35) __________.  


Rearrange the given words to make complete sentences. Do not change the given words.

36. generations / many / since / Nowadays, / cannot / families / move away / together / young / afford / several / have / to / people / generations / living.

→  _______________________________________________________________.

37. still / time / assistant / At / I / was / research / this / year, / last / a / working / as.

→  _______________________________________________________________.

38. has / him / Harry / since / changed / not / anything / time / the / I / last / met.

→  _______________________________________________________________.

39. floating / impressed / around / markets / has / its / Cần Thơ / Việt Nam / with / network / and / tourists/ canal.

→  _______________________________________________________________.

40. local / difference / smallest / environment / to / even / actions / make / a / can / with / the / the / We.

→  _______________________________________________________________.

Use the words in capitals to rewrite the sentences. Do not change the given word.

41. People once burned candles to light their houses in the past. (USED)

→  People _____________________________ to light their houses in the past.

42. My friend thinks this movie is more fascinating than any other ones. (MOST)

→  My friend thinks this is _____________________________ movie.

43. I’m not old enough to drive a motorbike. (TOO)

→  I’m _____________________________ drive a motorbike.

44. Anna is a more fluent French speaker than I am. (SPEAK)

→  Anna can _____________________________ than I can.

45. Teenagers are encouraged to take part in charity work. (SHOULD)

→  Teenagers _____________________________ charity work.

--------------------THE END--------------------

Đề 3


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. talent                        

B. forecast                 

C. opera                     

D. travel


A. curtain                      

B. carpet                    

C. work                      

D. surf

Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. charming                  

B. market                   

C. detached               

D. terraced


A. documentary            

B. exhibition              

C. reality                    

D. Vietnamese


Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

5. In my free time, I love watching __________ because they have a lot of fascinating characters and wonderful plots.

A. documentaries             

B. cooking programs

C. talent shows          

D. soap operas

6. I like a __________ because this type of house is all on the ground floor and doesn’t have stairs.

A. terraced house                                                 

B. bungalow              

C. semi-detached house                                        

D. camper van

7. Students can __________ old clothes to help the needy.

A. donate                         

B. donates                  

C. throw away            

D. throws away

8. When the new movie about Spiderman came out, it dominated the __________.

A. genre                            

B. box office             

C. movie theatre        

D. science fiction

9. Nam’s parents __________ in that apartment since 2006.

A. have lived                    

B. are living               

C. live                        

D. lived

10. The city council let the local charity __________ to help the orphanages every summer.

A. donate blood               

B. lead nature tours    

C. raise money           

D. collect rubbish

11. The Mona Lisa is __________ painting in the world.

A. most famous                

B. the more famous   

C. the most famous    

D. as famous as 

12. Ngoc has worked for a couch-surfing service __________ over 5 years.

A. since                             

B. in                           

C. for                         

D. at

13. We can __________ to help clean up the environment.

A. pick up rubbish            

B. rescue animals       

C. help the elderly      

D. donate money

14. She is a __________. She likes to read everywhere she goes.

A. bookworm                   

B. storyteller              

C. TV viewer             

D. binge watcher

15. Are you moving to a new house on Saturday? I __________ you if you like.

A. will help                       

B. have helped           

C. help                       

D. am helping

Write the correct forms of the words in brackets.

16. Halong Bay is probably the most popular tourist __________ in Vietnam. (ATTRACT)

17. Doing charity work is a great way for students to learn how to __________ with others. (EMPATHY)

18. The great thing about a __________ house is that you don’t share any walls with anyone. (DETACH)

19. Donating blood to the hospital is a __________ activity. (MEAN)

20. Hotel __________ is included in the price of the holiday. (ACCOMMODATE)


Read the text. Complete gaps with sentences A-E. There is one extra sentence.

A. Most houses have different rooms for different activities.

B. That’s what home means to me.

C. My older sister spends a lot of time in the garden.

D. When I’m away from home, I usually feel homesick.

E. But a home is a house full of people with their favourite rooms.

What makes your house a home?

In English, the words ‘house’ and ‘home’ do not have the same meaning. In towns and cities, a modern house is a building with four walls and a roof above it, often on a street with many other houses. (21)__________ People can dine in the kitchen, sleep in the bedrooms, take a shower in the bathroom, and relax in the living room.

(22)__________ For example, my favourite room is my bedroom. It has all my things in it so it’s not very spacious, but I really love it. My mum loves reading in the charming living room. Tom, the cat, lies under her feet by the hot fireplace. And my dad can cook pretty well so he’s usually in the kitchen.

(23)__________ Of course, I miss all my music, my games, and my books, but I also miss family routines. Our house is rather noisy in the mornings before work or school. Then, when I get back in the evening, Tom jumps on me with his dirty cat feet, and there is the fantastic smell of the food in the kitchen.

So, home is the people and animals who live in a house, and the objects in the rooms that are special to us. It’s the activities we do, our feelings, and the familiar surroundings. Home is also the community we are part of. Every summer, there’s a big party in our street. When new people move in, they have a housewarming party with all the neighbours. (24)__________

by Minh Trang, student and future journalist

Read the text again and decide whether the sentences are True (T) or False (F).

25. ‘House’ and ‘home’ have the same meaning in English.                         _____ _____

26. Trang’s family members have their favourite rooms.                              __________

27. Trang’s family hasn’t got a pet.                                                                __________

28. Trang misses family activities when she’s not at home.                          ___________

29. Trang thinks that home is the community that she belongs to.                __________

30. There’s a party in her street every year.                                                   __________


Use the given words or phrases to make complete sentences.

31. My sister / TV binge watcher / so / she / watch / soap opera / every day.

→ ____________________________________________.

32. This drama series / have / complex / plots / and / inspiring / characters.

→ _____________________________________________.

33. She / grow up / on the farm / with / family.

→ _____________________________________________.

34. He / lent / new laptop / to / sister / but / she / not / give / it / back / yet.

→ _____________________________________________.

35. I / meet / Ha / last night / and / I / not / see / him / since then.

→ _____________________________________________.


Listen to a radio program and choose the correct answer.

36. Who is Annie Leibovitz?

A. a guest artist                

B. a famous photographer                             

C. a programmer

37. What does Annie always do when taking photographs?

A. She makes sure that they tell a story.

B. She takes photos of actors and champions.

C. She creates the background for her portraits.

38. What does Sarah’s work include?

A. landscape and huge objects                             

B. paintings and small objects

C. paintings and portraits

39. Annie’s gallery is going to be about

A. June                             

B. summer                 

C. Sarah and her

40. How long have Annie and Sarah been working on their gallery?

A. 5 years                         

B. since June             

C. 3 months

---------------------THE END---------------------

Đề 4


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. science                     

B. complex                

C. comedy                 

D. documentary


A. floor                         

B. wall                       

C. small                      

D. room

Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. museum                   

B. landscape              

C. beauty                   

D. program


A. bungalow                 

B. cottage                  

C. studio                    

D. attraction


Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

5. I have __________ seen such a great movie like that in my entire life!

A. for                                

B. never                     

C. since                      

D. yet

6. My grandparents live in a charming country __________ with roses around the door.

A. van                               

B. tribe                       

C. town                      

D. cottage

7. You can’t __________ people __________ unless they truly want to help the community.

A. let – volunteer                                                 

B. let – volunteering  

C. make – volunteering                                        

D. make – volunteer

8. This house comes with a nice surprise: there’s a guest room downstairs in the __________.

A. mining                          

B. landscape              

C. basement               

D. underground

9. The __________ is where you can help the elderly.

A. community centre       

B. health centre          

C. senior centre          

D. garden centre

10. This exercise is __________ to do. I don’t think I can do it.

A. not hard enough           

B. too hard                 

C. too easy                 

D. easy enough

11. Mai and I __________ to a concert on Friday nights. Her uncle bought us tickets.

A. are going                      

B. going to go            

C. will go                   

D. go

12. I love __________ time with my friends doing volunteer work in the hospital.

A. to spend                       

B. spending                

C. having                    

D. to have

13. My mom doesn’t like watching soap operas on TV. She thinks they are too __________.

A. entertaining                  

B. fascinating            

C. predictable            

D. thrilling

14. “How long have you lived here?” – “Not very long. __________.”

A. For a few weeks                                              

B. A few months ago

C. Since I was born                                              

D. In 2002

15. We need __________ enough money for the children’s fund before we can improve the local orphanage.

A. donate                         

B. raise                       

C. to donate               

D. to raise

Write the correct forms of the words in brackets.

16. This studio apartment has five __________ bedrooms, all with bathrooms. (SPACE)

17. We can understand problems that __________ people face when we do charity work. (NEED)

18. We have walked all day in the __________ temperature. (SCORCH)

19. If you have extra toiletries, medical supplies, or canned food, consider donating these items to a __________ shelter or community centre. (HOME)

20. We often see mountains and rainforests in the __________ of Vietnam. (LAND)


Read the following passages and match questions 21 - 25 with paragraphs A - D that has the needed information.

Blade Runner 2049

Paragraph A

Directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, this action-adventure film is the sequel of the 1982 science-fiction film Blade Runner by Ridley Scott. It is set 30 years after the events of the original film.

Paragraph B

The action takes place in the Los Angeles of the future, a city where there are flying cars and people use robots for work. Unfortunately, some of these robots have become dangerous to humans. Ryan Gosling stars as K, who works for the Los Angeles Police Department as a ‘blade runner’. His job is to find and kill these dangerous robots. One day he discovers a secret that could put the future of humans at risk.

Paragraph C

Ryan Gosling is excellent as K, and Harrison Ford also gives a great performance as a retired blade runner, who helps K find the answers he is looking for. The special effects and photography are as stunning as in the original film. The soundtrack is superb, and the screenplay holds your attention from beginning to end.

Paragraph D

For me, the word that best describes this movie is thrilling. It’s one of the best science-fiction films I’ve ever seen. I would definitely suggest all my friends watch it.

(Word count: 212 - Adapted from Focus 2, U3, 3.7 Writing)

Which paragraph …

21. tells the plot of the whole movie?

22. mentions the photographic effects in the movie?    

23. mentions that ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is a thrilling movie?    

24. refers to the character of Harrison Ford?    

25. mentions that ‘Blade Runner 2049’ was produced 30 years after the first movie?  

Complete the description of the movie. Use the following sentences (A-E).

A. I would recommend everyone watching this film.

B. It is both entertaining and inspiring to me.

C. And, of course, the soundtrack of the movie is brilliant!

D. The film is a musical comedy.

E. The rest of the actresses also play the Bellas very well.

Film Review: Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a 2012 musical comedy, directed by Jason Moore and starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. (26) __________. It received MTV Movie Awards for Wilson’s performance and for best musical moment.

The plot focuses on Beca Mitchell, a student who likes to work with music. At university, she meets Barden Bellas, a singing group of girls, and joins the national singing competition.

Anna Kendrick gives a superb performance as a shy but strong student. (27) __________. The storyline is cleverly written and very convincing. The plot is a bit predictable but it’s still fun to watch. (28) __________.

The word that best describes this movie is fun. (29) _________. In my view, it is for teenagers and adults alike. (30) __________.


Use the word in capitals to rewrite the sentences. Do not change the given word.

31. I started learning English two years ago. (LEARNED)

→ I ___________________________________ two years.

32. My father last visited Thái Nguyên in 2009. (SINCE)

→ My father ___________________________ 2009.

33. Many people know Cần Thơ because of its floating markets. (FAMOUS)

→ Cần Thơ ____________________________________ its floating markets.

34. I will certainly go to a housewarming party tonight. (GOING)

→ I ____________________________ housewarming party tonight.

35. When did you move to this block of flats? (LIVED)

→ How long ___________________ this block of flats?


Listen to a conversation between Linh and Lan and mark the statements true (T) or false (F).

36. Linh has to be healthy to be a good volunteer.                                                     __________

37. The weather can be extreme when you volunteer at a different place.                __________

38. The food will not be much different when volunteering.                                     __________

39. Lan worked in a small team and she didn’t talk much.                                        __________

40. Responsibility is really important for a volunteer.                                               __________

------------------------THE END------------------------

Đề 5


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. kit                      

B. difference              

C. improve                 

D. mind


A. benefit               

B. elderly                   

C. plaster                    

D. help

Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.

3. A. artwork              

B. photographer         

C. sculpture                

D. treasure



B. volunteer               

C. elderly                   

D. fundraising


Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

5. In superhero movies, there are often special effects and __________ images to be more convincing.

A. computer-generate                                    

B. computer-generation

C. computer-generated                                  

D. computer-generating

6. Lam’s father has been a vegan for many years. He eats __________.

A. healthy                  

B. unhealthy               

C. healthily                 

D. unhealthily

7. People can __________ the lives of needy people, street children and those with disabilities with a small time every week volunteering.

A. donate                   

B. improve                 

C. raise                       

D. contribute to

8. The crew is making a __________ about the life of the people in this village.

A. reality show          

B. talent show            

C. documentary         

D. travel show

9. Lam drives his car __________ fast. He has had some accidents.

A. slightly                  

B. extremely               

C. a bit                        

D. a little

10. Linh’s considering __________ at a local orphanage because she wants __________ the children there.

A. to work – to tutor                                      

B. working – tutoring

C. working – to tutor                                     

D. to work – tutoring

11. My brother is the tallest in my family. I am __________ my brother.

A. not as tall as          

B. taller than              

C. the tallest               

D. as tall as

12. My father is an interior designer. He works really __________ lately.

A. hardly                    

B. hard                        

C. harder                    

D. more hard

13. You can help protect the environment if you __________ rubbish in the right bin.

A. throw away            

B. care for                  

C. collect                    

D. clean up

14. He has __________ his homework, so now he can go outside to play with his friends.            

A. did                         

B. does                       

C. do                         

D. done

15. Miki lives in the next __________ of flats.

A. attraction               

B. network                 

C. part                        

D. block

Write the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

16. When she was 12 years old, her mom __________ (buy) her a very beautiful doll house.

17. She doesn’t want to go out for dinner with us because she __________ (already/ eat) dinner.

18. Have you ever considered __________ (lead) nature tours this summer? You can gain much experience of how ecotours work.

19. Doing charity work can make you __________ (feel) better since it helps you learn about personal values such as patience and kindness.

20. I’ve decided __________ (help) out in a senior centre this summer.


Read the text again. Choose the correct answer (A, B, or C). 


V.E.O would like to connect people who want to give a helping hand in volunteering for education in a mountainous area. We are focusing on informal education for local communities, especially for the poor and the disadvantaged people in remote areas. We need help from both local and international volunteers to train local people new skills and approaches through daily tasks. We also provide English classes and cultural activities for children. 

This is a great way to get involved in volunteering while traveling. International volunteers will have opportunities to learn more about Việt Nam and visit Việt Nam's beautiful places.

Time length: one week (all year round). 

Min Age: 15+ 

Price includes: accommodation, transportation (to / from accommodation and project site), meals, Vietnamese language lessons, 24-hour emergency assistance, airport pick up, participation certificate. 

Price excludes: Việt Nam visa cost, international medical insurance, travel to/from home and Hà Nội. 

Extras: umbrella, sun cream, T-shirt.

For more information, please contact: Phone: 0705.081.088 | Email: info@volunteerforeducation.org

21. V.E.O calls for volunteers to help _____________.

A. sick people                                    

B. the needy                           

C. people in remote areas

22. Volunteers will teach local people skills through __________.

A. farming activities              

B. daily activities                   

C. English classes 

23. Volunteers can participate in the project ___________.

A. any time of the year          

B. during summer holiday     

C. during school year 

24. Volunteers need to be ____________.

A. at least 15 years old          

B. more than 15 years old      

C. less than 15 years old 

25. The price does include ___________.

A. travel to / from home and Hà Nội 

B. Việt Nam visa Cost

C. Vietnamese language lessons 

26. The price does not include _____________.

A. airport pick-up                  

B. accommodation                 

C. international medical insurance

Read the text and complete the gaps 1-4 with sentences A-E. There is one extra sentence. 

A special home

This is the home of a wealthy and old Englishman. This place is called Welbeck Abbey. (27) _______. As well as this unusual form of transport, there were many other amazing things in his house. For instance, he built an underground ballroom with space for 2,000 guests, but he never used it because he was too shy to invite anyone. (28) __________. One of the tunnels went all the way from Welbeck Abbey to the nearby town of Worksop - almost 3 km away! (29) _________. The horse-riding school had a glass roof over 100 metres long! When the Duke died in 1879, his relatives found that most of the rooms in his house had no furniture and the walls were all pink. (30) _________________. In another room were hundreds of green boxes, and in each one there was a dark brown wig. Nobody knows how many of them he actually wore.

A. Also, he built many tunnels and used them to move around his giant house and garden without seeing anyone. 

B. He had another beautiful house in London and sometimes stayed there. 

C. He also built a boating lake, an area for ice-skating and a horse-riding school for his servants to use. 

D. Inside Welbeck Abbey, there was a mini-railway and the servants from the kitchen send him meals to his room on the mini-train. 

E. In one room, there was only a toilet - nothing else at all!


Rearrange the given words to make complete sentences. Do not change the given words.

31. destinations / popular / scorching / Many / have / tourist / summer. / temperatures / in

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

32. like / a / countryside / live / cottage / parents. / We / in / to / the / in / our

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

33. quite / sea / landscape / calm / The / and / is / is / Phú Quốc / breathtaking. / the / of

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

34. can / help / children. / shampoo and soap / local / donate / to / street / to / You / charity / the

→ _____________________________________________________________________.

35. can / us / happier / a / Volunteering / make / by / us / of / sense / giving / purpose.

→ _____________________________________________________________________.


Listen to four people talking about living in the suburbs. Match the speakers (1–3) with the statements (36–40). There is one extra statement. Listen to the recording twice.

The speaker:

36. doesn’t want to spend all his/her life in the suburbs.                                __________

37. has changed his/her opinion about living in the suburbs.                         __________

38. isn’t sure if he/she will do his/her future job in the suburbs.                    __________

39. lives in the suburbs where there is poor public transport.                        __________

40. presents people’s opinions about living in the suburbs.                           __________

-------------------------THE END-------------------------